Chair massage Amsterdam

Chair massage in company

Zense Amsterdam provides regular chair massage for several large and small businesses at the office and during various events at a location of choice.

Within 20 minutes, the employee or guest gets a refreshing massage while he/she sits on a special massage chair, just in a (separate) space within the office.

Massage at event

Chair massage for corporate or private events

Whether it's a sports event or any other occasion, a chair massage always will be a welcome and relaxed time experience for your customers, employees or guests providing them with new fresh energy.

Based on the number of people of the event and your specific wishes, a team is composed of professional chair massage therapists.

Why chair massage at work?

Chair massage at work:

  1. works preventive: less absenteeism and costs;
  2. ensures healthy and motivated employees;
  3. reduces RSI-related complaints, fatigue, pain in head, back, shoulders;
  4. takes place at your location, only about 20 minutes per person;
  5. has tax advantages.

More information or trial chair massage in your company?

Is your company interested in a conversation and a chair massage trial session in the office, please contact us via the contact form or